While we have produced, created, placed, packaged and distributed the finest in television and new media programming domestically and internationally for more than 40 years, you probably have never heard of SFM Entertainment.  However, we have no doubt that you've seen us. 

We are one of the few remaining independent syndication companies charged with distributing and marketing beloved quality television programs to every network, cable and satellite provider.  If you watch TV, you have experienced the industry powerhouse that is SFM.

We provide a variety of full-length feature films, TV series, children's programming, documentaries and specials that are geared toward a broad audience. 

At SFM, we aim to leverage strategic alliances with advertisers and manufacturers, which enables our clients to experience unparalleled service in terms of licensing agreements, buying time, placements and more.

"Moger is one of the most successful advertising time-buyers in the nation..."

-Kenneth R. Clark, United Press International